Tarmac/Asphalt Road Cutter For precision and smooth cutting of tarmac before trenching.
Tornado 10S Designed to be safe, fast and effective, even on tough terrain, the "Tornado" cable blowing machine will move
FUJIKURA - Fusion Splicer ACL has invested in two FSM-60S fusion splicers. The FSM-60S is the fastest field splicer available,
Micro-Tunneling Thrust Borer ACL uses the trench less technology in the construction of micro-tunnels for laying pipes and cables. The
OTDR Equipments ACL has invested in several OTDR testing machines. The testers are ideal for Tier 2 testing of premises
Plate and Trench Compactors ACL has invested in two compactors - one plate and the other trench. This assures all
Portable Compressors ACL has invested in various models of Ingersoll Rand portable compressors for various works.
This state of the art truck is used for aerial fiber cable, electrical and street lighting installation and maintenance. The