Structured Cabling Design & Installation. Voice Cabling Data Cabling Equipment Rooms-MDF/IDF Video Cabling
Fiber Optic Cabling.     Single mode 8/125 (OS1) Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 2km.     Multimode
Microwave Communications & Backhauls     1:Site Development.     2:Site Testing.     3:Emergency Availability.     4:Site Survey Reports.     5:Site Maintenance.
Fiber Related Services         Multi-mode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Systems.         Horizontal Cabling Systems.         Backbone Distribution
Data Center Solutions     1:Cabinets/Enclosures/Racks     2:Cable Management     3:Fiber Routing Systems     4:10 Gig Cabling     5:Shielded and Unshielded
Additional Services Offered     1:Alarm System Design, Cabling & Installation     2:VoIP Phone Systems     3:Surveillance Security Systems e.g. CCTV,